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"The Lehman's HIGHLY recommend Cole for not only weddings but for any event where music is key for the atmosphere."

-Ashley L

Dance the Night Away


Music can make or break any gathering. If the music reflects the mood of the event, it can get your guests moving and conversation flowing. If the music is off base, your crowd will feel it. You need to work with a professional DJ who can compile the most appropriate songs to play at your special event. When you’re planning your Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN event, hire Blessinger Entertainment to provide the event music services.

  • "If you're seeking a DJ who is professional, personable, flexible, and fun, look no further and book Cole ASAP!"
  • -Erika, Bloomington IN

Blessinger Entertainment is a premiere DJ service based in Bloomington. We offer our DJ services to all kinds of events in the area, whether formal or casual. With our wide selection of available music, we can match the mood of any event. Get in touch with us today to start putting together the perfect playlist for your event.

What type of event are you planning?

Our DJs are trained to provide the music for all sorts of events in Bloomington area. We feature:

  • Weddings DJs
  • Corporate event DJs
  • Dance and prom DJs
  • Birthday party DJs

We offer two packages, one of which is sure to fit your needs and budget. Contact us right away for complete package information.

Hire us for a smooth wedding day

You’re lining up a variety of professionals to handle different aspects of your big day. We can coordinate with your photographer, caterer and wedding planner to smooth out any bumps in the process. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for you from start to finish. Contact us now at +1 (812) 322-9829 for a hassle-free planning process.

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